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Will a war poem come up in studied poetry.
Brian lynch Junior Cert English — 07/06/16 5

Do u think a war poem could be asked??

eveen — 07/06/16
http://www.aoifesnotes.com/junior-cert/Paper-Two/docs/studied-poetry/Table%20of%20Past%20Questions%20on%20Studied%20Poetry.pdf This table shows what poems have come up in past few years , war could come up again possibly!
Brian lynch — 07/06/16
Thanks, do u have any notes on digging by Seamus heaney, and the road not taken by Robert frost?
Greener1703 — 07/06/16
Another reason why a war poem might come up is because it is 1916 anniversary
Brian lynch — 07/06/16
Do u think love will come up because I have nothing prepared on it
Elisha447 — 07/06/16
They usually have a choice of two:) I think maybe imagery, mood or theme could come up! War is very specific!
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