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    French Higher Level Help Please!!! tinash

    I am currently sick and I have a bad headache therefore its hard to focus. Can any of you tell me what came up in the letter and note? please

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      In the letter:

      you go to a concert

      you have a new neighbour

      Give news about your friend

      Talk about a party

      The note

      You go the library to return a book and meet your friend for lunch

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      Thanks what do you mean give news about your friend?

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      It just said give some news about your best friend

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      I said they had a new job

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      Thank you so much! Is this from Debs exam paper

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      I'm not sure but my friends in other schools had the same exam as me

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      In Hl french the note was you left the house at 3,you have to say your going to see a film with your friends and you'll be back before dinner.The letter was about a holiday you came back from,the weather etc,you have to say youre going to a party next month too.I did mine yesterday:)

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      I had that same letter with the concert and the news about the best friend and the not where you go to the library

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      thank God i saw this my mocks tomorrow, hope i get those ones!

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      I did the deb exam paper and it is the one about the film and holiday :) good luck

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      Are ye from lenister?

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      carlow town to be exact! :) you?

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      I am from dublin:)

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      had my mock today i got the one about the film and holiday too

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      Lets say right beside Meath c: Same

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      I was coughing and litreally had so much tissues for my nose ughhh during exam. Have ye done geog?

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      What did ye have for the other points?? Got the other one :D

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