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    Studying for French? sean.hilliard2

    What's the most effective way to bring up your grade in French in the next few days..I got 80% in the pres and always get about 78-80 in listening comprehensions, is it too late and should I just study others or can that be brought up?

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      11ND - CCM

      78-80 marks or percent?

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      Per cent

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      Well make sure you learn the mistakes you make when you do Listening Comprehensions. Also, practice Reading comprehensions. The last few Reading Comprehensions on exam papers tend to be hardest so practice them as well. Also, make sure you're familiar with letter layout and how to write letters/notes. Any mistakes you make in Listening, Reading or Writing should be written down and you should learn them words that you got wrong

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      aishling gordon

      know your vocab! vocab comes in listening and if you don't understand the word your losing marks. also practise loads of exampapers :) goodluck

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      make sure you know your tenses like passe composse ;]

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