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as confused as the jc
carolinaaplasencia Junior Cert French — 09/06/16 2

help...I don't even know where to start jc study

— 09/06/16
know the weather, the alphabet pronunciation (particularly vowels), numbers, natural disasters (flood etc) and directions for the listening a start and end phrase, along with the months (all lowercase!) for the letter (5 marks go for the place, date, month, 'hi ____', and 'from____' so don't forget them!!) can be guaranteed marks. you need 4 sentences at least, per topic on the letter. learn things like sports, holidays, jobs, family, school, friends etc. learn phrases off for the note and postcard note : juste un petit mot pour te(informal)/vous(formal) dire que = just a small note to tell you that.... postcard : un grand bonjour de________. je suis ici avec_________. = a big hello from___. i am here with__. know verb tenses : i am, i was, i will be etc also the difference between ce sera, c'est and c'etait
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
Don't learn topics and chapters, look at the comprehensions from past papers. One year it asked a question in the comprehensions on how someone enjoys looking at the snow on a mountain and then 2 years later it asked you to say that in a postcard. So if you practice the comprehensions in papers then learn the vocab from them, you'll be grand
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