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    Assistance in Listening jokejike

    pls people I did the French listening exams and I got 66percent because of the listening. I have ben diagnosed to having a hole in my eardrum but doctors say I don't need hearing aids and I can t sometimes hear wat ppl speaking English are saying, not to talk of a whole new language. do I get any special benefits maybe the recording played slowly and very loud helllppp!!!!!

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      whilst looking up about what i posted the other day , i came across a part of the webpage that says you can be sat nearer to the radio, or use headphones in a separate room. i shall try to find the link , and ill add it to this discussion :-)

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      glitteryhippie if you find part 2.3, it should have what you are looking for , hope this helped

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      omg thank you @glitteryhippie

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      thank you

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