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french future tense?
sford162 Junior Cert French — 31/05/16 2

anybody know how to do the french future tense without saying 'je vais aller'etc?

Ciara2000 — 31/05/16
Using 'aller' as a helping verb such as in, "Je vais aller" is Le Futur Proche (the near future) but the future tense follows a general rule. Here are some examples: Aller J'irAI Tu irAS Il/Elle irA Nous irONS Vous irEZ Ils/elles irONT The endings in capitals are the same for every verb (as far as I know). Another example (faire): Je ferAI Tu ferAS Il/Elle ferA Nous ferONS Vous ferEZ Ils/Elles ferONt
Galbraith — 31/05/16
near future Je vais acheter Tu vas aller Il/Elle va tomber Nous allons chercher Vous avez chanter Ils/Elles sont prendre
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