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    french help needed bennydog

    ok so im completely stuck on what way to go about studying for french higher level my teacher was useless and thought us nothing!!!!


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      You will want to focus on the listening comprehensions and vocabulary as 44% goes for the listening alone

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      Learn vocabulary!

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      The listening section is a major part of the exam as was said above. Some parts come up every year, such as a weather report, somebody asking for directions, a telephone number etc. These are relatively easy to learn off if you study the vocab.

      Make a list of common phrases that come up in letters and postcards/notes each year. For example, you'll almost definitely be asked to describe "where you're staying and who you are with" regarding a holiday in a letter OR postcard, and to mention "when you will be back" in a note. Just learning the layout for these will guarantee some marks, and at this late stage I'd focus on learning the most popular phrases. :)

      Comprehensions are also important of course, but there is a lot of vocab to be learned, if your teacher hadn't prepared you well enough it will be hard. You can focus on the comprehensions that are guaranteed such as the signs as the first question and a recipe comprehension, as you may be able to secure some marks. After that, just practice lots and try to pick up as much as you can.

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      Cooking instructions and meal preparations usually come up

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      I found higher level French very difficult. The comprehension used to knock me off completely. Although the listening is over a pass in the paper, I focused more on the written section. I found the written a lot more easy than the listening. In the mock I got 71%- B. Go back through all the exam papers, especially the older ones like 2010 and backwards as they were harder papers and you will learn alot more from them. In the written exam make sure you know:

      1. Places in town

      2. Food- it will come up as a recipe so try and translate the method too as a help with verbs

      3. Sport- An interview usually comes up for that topic.

      4. Animals- Usually about Q3/4 of the paper, could be about any animal which usually saves the day in some way..

      5. Music- Usually an interview like sport

      For section 3- poscard/note and letter.

      The postcard questions are usually much the same every year.. Usually its something similar to this.. when you arrived/where you are staying/who you are with/how you travelled... I will send you on 2012 now if you check the question in your exam papers or this site. Place, le 7 juin 2016

      Cher Marc,

      Me voici en vacances à Bruges avec ma famille. Je l'adore ici. Il fait beau et il fait chaud tous les jours.- opening- which can be used for every postcard

      Nous sommes arrivés il y a trois jour. Nous avons voyagés en avion. - point 1

      Nous restons dans un hôtel près de la gare.- point 2

      J'irai au restaurant pour celebrater d'anniversaire de ma mère- point 3

      C'est tout por l'instant. Dis bonjour á ta famille de ma part.


      Your name.

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      c'est tout... is the closing- which can be used in all postcards

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      I think a postcard is coming up these year over a note as it goes every second year! So practise phrases for letter and postcard, be able to ask questions!! And then just vocab for comprehension and listening! I know how you feel, my French teacher last year was useless thankfully this year we switched!! Just lots of re doing past questions I think :)

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      I'm the exact opposite Elisha hahaha. I got a new French teacher this year and she is horrible. I went from tests with marks of +90% like my 2nd year Summer exam I got 95% on down to 51% on my mock with this new teacher.

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      know the weather, the alphabet pronunciation (particularly vowels), numbers, natural disasters (flood etc) and directions for the listening

      a start and end phrase, along with the months (all lowercase!) for the letter (5 marks go for the place, date, month, 'hi ____', and 'from____' so don't forget them!!) can be guaranteed marks. you need 4 sentences at least, per topic on the letter. learn things like sports, holidays, jobs, family, school, friends etc.

      learn phrases off for the note and postcard

      note : juste un petit mot pour te(informal)/vous(formal) dire que = just a small note to tell you that....

      postcard : un grand bonjour de________. je suis ici avec_________. = a big hello from___. i am here with__.

      know verb tenses : i am, i was, i will be etc

      also the difference between ce sera, c'est and c'etait

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      Every three and four years it a postcard/note comes up twice in a row. Last year was year 3 so this year (year 4) is a note also....that's what I think idk

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      omg thanks so much guys!!!!! gl to everybody tommorow , its my hardest exam!!!

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