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    french junior cert barcelona

    my teacher hasnt given us a book this year and we are in 3rd year with out any kind pof book only the nites she gives us is what we can refer back to. how do i know if we are being given the correct material or that what i am learning is correct. when we asked her about this she said it was normal to not have a book. is there any book outther that may help me with this. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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      My book's called Bienvenue en France 2. We had Bienvenue en France 1 in first year and the beginning of 2nd year, and the book we have now is for the end of 2nd year and the whole of 3rd.Both books have all necessary information neede for the junior cert and come with CDs for listening exercises which are really helpful as a lot of the vocab on the listening exam is on the CD. I've never heard of anyone not having a book? Hope this helps! :)

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      @caitlinfinn thank you so much my sisters have that book (the first year one). i thought it was excellent too! i also thought it was so strange not to have a book in junior cert year! thanks again!

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      yes I have bienvenue en france 2 and im in third year. ive never heard of any third years with no book

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      @sarah2014 thanks so much i know its all very starnge at least I can get a book now.

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      You're welcome. Good luck with it anyways ☺

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