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Household chores
jade1999_x Junior Cert French — 05/06/16 8

Does anyone have any notes on chores?

david1510 — 27/05/16
david1510 — 27/05/16
you're not getting them tho
katiecondron1 — 29/05/16
I do , do you want them
sophielearns — 29/05/16
i do
Amazingme — 29/05/16
if anyone has them can you send me it on louisaliu10@yahoo.ie
jade1999_x — 05/06/16
Yes could you please send them to me? Katiecondron1 Email: jadewhiriskey99@gmail.com
mh2000 — 05/06/16
tondre la pelouse- mow the lawn faire la cuisine - do the cooking aider mon pere a la ferme-to help my father on the farm aider ma mere - to help my mother ranger ma chambre- tidy my room sortir les poubelles - take out the bins passer l'aspirateur - to the hoovering promener le chien - to walk the dog faire le repassage - to do the ironing faire du jardinage - to do the gardening laver la voiture - wash the car garder mes freres et soeurs - mind my brothers and sisters faire la vaisselle - to do the washup faire le menage - to do the cleaning **there are accents missing cuz i cant type themm
jade1999_x — 05/06/16
This is so helpful, thank you!
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