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    How to study for French edassery

    Hi! French is one of my weakest subjects and i don't know how to study for it. Mox are like a few weeks away and I am seriously stressed out!!! Can someone tell me what section should I concentrate more in French and how should I prepare myself for it. Thank you!:)

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      see if you can buy a French vocab book like revise wise. its very helpful

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      exam papers, exam papers, exam papers

      Keep doing these over and over again and learn the vocab to the questions you got wrong in comprehensions,listening etc.

      Learn off useful phrases for written section

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      thank you!:)

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      Sorry this is so late but get the exam papers and try do the comprehensions.. If you don't understand a word look it up and write it down in a copy.. Any words you find hard write into the copy and keep it for revision.. Get the CDs for junior cert and listen to them and fill in the paper to get used of it.. Practise your postcard and letter phrases!! You can get loads of them online!! French is not too hard once you know grammar and verbs!! Just keep revising verbs and grammar if you find new ones write them down and do papers!! x

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      Listening comprehension as it carries the most marks!

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      I still cant get the hang of the listening I don't know what theyre saying and my listening is this Thursday!!!!

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