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how to study french phrases effectively ?
Roisinosully18 Junior Cert French — 02/06/16 5

best / effective way to study french phrases etc ?

bm00 — 28/05/16
i personally think that writing them out on coloured card and testing yourself helps :)
clark13 — 31/05/16
I write them on post its and stick them where I know i'll see them all the time. e.g on your wardrobe or mirror
Ciara2000 — 31/05/16
Writing them out multiple times is really important, but I find it really helps to actually say them out loud, too. It makes it somewhat easier to spell words and phrases when you know what they should sound like.
Galbraith — 01/06/16
Use quizlet
Tsunn — 02/06/16
^^ Quizlet is lyfe
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