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    is there any easy way i could learn the post card rossf7355

    i need some help on the post cards can anybody help me

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      Just keep writing it out is how I learned.

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      Hey rossf7355,

      Jump over to our postcard topic on the site and you might find something to help you there.

      There's various notes and past example questions for you to practice with.

      Good Luck ,


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      Learn a few sentances that can be used for lots of stuff eg - Je serai de retourer (i will be back) 😊

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      There are the usual phrases and the layout - learn these off.

      Also, see which sorts of topics/verbs come up - eg. Holidays, travel, town, food etc. Verbs: I went, will go, arrived, will return etc.

      Know your dates as well!


      Bretagne, 12 juin

      Salut ------ !

      Me voici à Bretagne en France .... Pour deux semaines .....avec ma famille.

      Je loge dans un petit hôtel au bord de la mer. Hier, je suis allé(e) à ...... Demain, nous allons visité ......

      Je serai de retour ...

      À bientôt,


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