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    letter mock diyalsjdjldam

    how do u say i am really excited about the upcoming trip to belgium.

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      I can help you with that... but do u know what other points there r on that paper....

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      Je ne peux pas attendre pour le voyage prochain en Belgique.

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      ^ That actually means I can't wait for the NEXT trip to Belgium which could lose you marks. (prochain means next)

      You can say "J'attends avec impatience le voyage en belgique annoncé" (I can't wait for the coming trip to belgium) and follow up with a better phrase to use that includes the pronoun 'y' and can look impressive at JC: "J'ai hâte d'y aller", (I can't wait to go there)

      Hope this helps :)

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      Roisinl13 prochain also means upcoming. You cannot take things literally! It won't lose you marks, don't be so stupid. Like you just proved my point by saying "J'attends avec impatience". I had this for my mock letter and got full marks using my phrase. Only mistake I made was that I said au Belgique when it was meant to be en Belgique. Don't get smart with me please.

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      Woah sorry if I offended you, didn't mean to. Just trying to help out.

      At JC level it's always best to use annoncé because it gets you more vocab marks, considering prochain would be considered an easier word/more common. Annoncé is just that little bit more impressive.

      (Coming from someone who got an A in French in the Junior Cert I'm just trying to give some tips I've learned after doing the JC myself and help people out with common downfalls. Currently in 6th yr and got an A1 in the mock guys, not here to offend just to help out!! :)

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