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    Letter/Note Pres! halpino54

    Im Pretty Good At The Listning And The Comprehensions but when it comes to the letter/note i have no clue! any tips on how to revise!

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      Well,basically learn the structure for the letter,note and the postcard,then learn of phrases like il me tarde(I can't wait) etc.Then just practice exam q's! C:

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      Ya i just learn paragraphs from the revise wise book there are a lot of regular topics for letters and post cards and these topics are covered in the revise wise they give you paragraphs which are very good if you can learn them :)

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      Learn phrases that fit into nearly every letter, so say, look at say the past five letters in the junior cert, translate the points and see which ones are the most common. The ones that are, learn them off first. then look at the next five paper. and so on.

      Hope this helps.

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      Hi halpino! I have some guidelines for the French note. Hopefully you'll find it useful.

      Leaving a message:

      Juste un petit mot pour te / vous dire que... - Just a note to tell you that... (Use 'te' if you know the name of the person you're writing to, and 'vous' if you don't know their name)

      J'écris ce mot car... - I'm writing this note because...

      Je te / vous laisse ce mot parce que... - I'm leaving you this note because...

      You've gone out to meet someone:

      Je suis allé(e) à la plage. - I went to the beach.

      Je vais rencontrer... - I'm going to meet...

      Pendant ton / votre absence Paul est passé et nous sommes allés... - During your absence Paul dropped by and we have gone to...

      J'ai reçu un coup de téléphone de Patrice et il m'a invité chez lui. - I had a phone call from Patrice and he invited me to his house.

      Inviting someone:

      Ça te dit de venir avec nous? - Fancy coming along with us?

      Tu veux nous accompagner? - Do you want to accompany us?

      Tu veux venir avec nous? - Do you want to come along with us?

      Rendez-vous à deux heures devant... - Meet at 2 o'clock in front of...

      When you'll be back:

      Je vais rentrer à 6h. - I'll be home at 6 o'clock.

      Je rentrerai vers sept heures pour mon dîner. - I'll be home about 7 o'clock for my dinner.

      Je reviendrai... - I'll be back...

      Je te donnerai un coup de fil ce soir. - I'll give you a call this evening.

      Je te / vous parlerai quand je te verrai - I'll talk to you when I see you.

      Je serai de retour avant 6h. - I'll be back before 6 o'clock.

      Signing off:

      À tout à l'heure. - See you soon.

      À ce soir. - See you this evening.

      À plus tard. - See you later.

      À demain. - See you tomorrow.

      À bientôt. - See you soon.

      Additional phrases:

      Téléphone-moi plus tard. - Call me later.

      Je sors ce soir. - I'm going out tonight.

      Je suis désolé. - I am sorry.

      Je ne peux pas sortir. - I cannot go out.

      Je suis deçu. - I am disappointed.

      Je dois annuler ma visite. - I have to cancel my visit.

      Je n'ai pas fait mes devoirs. - I didn't do my homework.

      Je suis allé en ville en bus. - I've gone to town on the bus.

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      Also check out this site for guidelines for the French letter:

      You can find many more websites in the internet that helps you on the French letter. This is just one of many!

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      Just focus on learning a few key phrases and words such as heureusement (luckily/happily) and je m'amuse bien ici (I'm enjoying myself here) practice exam questions as well and you should be fine!

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      Hi if your struggling just go on the letter learn off some phrases and go back though the topic that came up in previous years and write paragraphs about them. Usually something similar comes up

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