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    Letter Writing Points Hannahm99

    Can someone please give me a few useful letter writing points, that come up often in the papers. Thanks youuu;)

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      Well nothing really constantly comes up but the most common points are somewhere along the lines of:

      You are abroad, write to your friend about

      - something you bought yesterday

      - when you are coming back

      And the most common thing they will ever ask you is the weather.

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      Thank you Vega that's a great help;)

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      Nicola Madden

      thank you:)

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      and stuff for the letters like

      know how to invite them to stay at your house

      news about family/friend (birthday, injury etc)

      and make sure you use lots of nice adjectives and phrases, your communication marks will be really high if you do:)

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      this is the list our teacher says comes up the most:

      sorry i didnt reply sooner

      thanks for the present/letter

      school news

      family news

      what you did yesterday

      what you are going to do next week

      ask if thay want to come to ireland for the summer

      tell them to give your regards to their parents

      ask them if they have any plans for the summer

      ask how their family is

      hope this helped

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      Nicola Madden

      yes that is very good help thank you:)!!

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