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    Overwhelmed with verbs GreenDay6

    My teacher hasnt ever focused on the actual JC

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      Sorry posted that too early. but she has never told us how to study verbs and which to focus on. Any tips?

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      Bro get a French grammar book and in it, you will find plenty of exercises on various grammar topics, not just verbs and these will help you learn them! I know from personal experience. Or even, your own grammar book if you can create your own exercises - like me which doesn't cost anything but however, it takes up a lot of time! Main verbs I am focusing on in French and you should too in ALL TENSES. These are all only irregular as for regular, you need to know at least 10 and how they are formed in each tense - you don't have to learn off each ending.

      Etre - To be

      Avoir - To have

      Aller - To go

      Faire - To do / make

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      get bon travail 1and all you need to know about verbs are in the back of it we use a book called French grammar made easy and all you need to know is in there

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      The most important verbs remeber are the present tense ones faire voir avoir aller etre mettre prend

      I have just started the future tense so i cant help you alot but you have to remember these are the only important ones and remeber your IR ER and RE endings.

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      Hi, when I learned my verbs I like to start off simple with present tense regular verbs. Learn off endings for IR, ER, RE verbs and reflexive verbs and learn a good few for each. And also make lists for each type, so when you come across an ER verb add it on the list and gradually build it up.

      Tip: Start a little grammar copy, add all the lists in here, the verbs in each tense, adjectives, adverbs etc..

      Present Irregular verbs: Learn the main ones

      Avoir, Aller, Boire, Etre, Voir, Faire, Mettre, Sortir, Partir, Prendre, Venir, Pouvoir, Vouloir, etc..

      How I learn them off: Since I gradually learned my irregular verbs off one by one over the course of the jc, all I needed was to revise. So, learn as many as you can off But the key is to always go over all of the verbs and then you'll know them off by heart

      Always test yourself ,I write all of them on a page. So at least four verbs on one line and then I leave six lines under it and then repeat till I get to the bottom of the page. Then I start to fill it in, if I don't know one like prendre in ils/elles I guess don't look back at the notes. You learn from your mistakes

      Other tenses:

      Past: Know the rules and what verbs go with etre and avoir. Then learn off the past participles.

      Verbs that go with Etre:

      MRS VANDERTRAMP and reflexive verbs

      Monter, Rester, Sortir Venir, Aller, Naitre, Descendre, Entrer, Retourner, Tomber, Revenir, Arriver, Mourrir, Partir

      (There are loads more that goes with etre but these are the main ones you need to know)

      The other main ones goes with avoir like faire, partir etc..


      Know the rules : -Stem(always ends with r) - Add endings -ai -as -a -ons -ez -ont

      E.g Je serai- I will be

      Je donnerai - I will give

      Hope this helps :)

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      @eoinwilson what is your problem

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      revise wise French has all the rules for the tenses

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      Thanks for all the help this will be really useful on the lead up to mocks

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      To update on my post,

      There is no grammar question on your exam paper, however, the written section tests on grammar! Because of this, make sure your French grammar is up to high standard and you are very unlikely to make a mistake. I would advise you to learn off the following verbs in particular after looking through past papers:

      - Avoir - To have (irregular)

      - Etre - To be (irregular)

      - Faire - To do / make (irregular)

      - Aller - To go (irregular)

      - Pouvoir - To be able (irregular)

      - Sortir - To go out (irregular)

      - Prendre - To take (irregular)

      - Vouloir - To wish / want (irregular)

      - Manger - To eat (regular)

      - Nager - To swim (regular)

      - Vendre - To sell (regular)

      - Finir - To finish (regular)

      - Choisir - To choose (regular)

      - Aimer - To like (regular)

      - Arriver - To arrive (regular)

      - Voyager - To travel (regular)

      - Jouer - To play (regular)

      - Passer - To spend time (regular)

      - Rester - To stay (regular)

      - Visiter - To visit (regular)

      - Travailler - To work (regular)

      These verbs are very useful for postcards, notes and letters. Make sure you know them.

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      @sarah14 ur pics horrible

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      and I care because ...................................................

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      If someone could make out a grid on Excel with all the different verb endings in the different tenses I'd hugely appreciate it, I can't bring myself to try condense all the chapters, thanks.

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      Yes Laurenlilyali I am working on it for you. I have done 4 irregular verbs so far.

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      Is this okay for you Lauren?

      attachment French Verbs.xlsx

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      Learn stem verbs. For example tenir/sentir/venir/obetenir all have the same endings so all you have to know is the start of them. This will be very helpful in increasing your vocabulary in relation to verbs.

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