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Danielle1358 Junior Cert French — 14/06/16 6

does anyone have any predictions on what topics i should learn off a paragraph for that may come up on the letter? please!

kearney210 — 14/06/16
learn off a paragraph thanking them for a letter because even if it doesnt come up it will look impressive and get you marks - apologise for not writing sooner - ask them what their plans are for the holidays - invite them to spend two weeks in the summer with you - give them some information about your family best of luck :) x
Danielle1358 — 14/06/16
thank you!!
Lucyhvarn — 14/06/16
how would u say the 3rd point about inviting them to spend 2 week with u in the summer
Aoife-carney — 14/06/16
Tu veux venir chez moi pour deux semaines
Lucyhvarn — 14/06/16
Thank u
sophie544 — 14/06/16
How would you say what are you plans for the summer holidays?
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