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    the listening Sarah2014

    I cannot understand anything the people say in French. ive been practising listening to the cd and answering the questions but I get them all wrong. any tips on helping me understand what they are saying?

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      Get the actual wording of the tape you are practising off and go through the tape by just listening to the words as you are reading them. Do this a few times and take down notes of words or phrases you might not understand. Then if you feel comfortable enough without seeing the wording of the tape, try writing the answers and do thsi a few times as you will improve and you will get used to how the people doing the listenings pronounce the words

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      thank you so much @granners :)

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      it doesn't give me the words its just the sound file

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      If you go into the marking scheme and if you go down a good bit it gives sample answers of what a student might write and then itll give the whole conversation

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      oh ok thanks a million!!

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