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    thinking of going down to ordinary level Sarah2014

    I cant do the higher level exam at all. ive failed the listening and reading comprehensions in class. im getting a bit worried as my teacher keeps telling me that "i will be fine". any tips on how I can understand what the questions are being asked about? any websites etc? thanks

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      keep practicing the listening at home and see how u do u u fail at home and try both higher and ordinary at home

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      ok thanks a million :)

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      You really will be fine at higher! Keep practicing! I can send you some notes if needed

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      thanks so much @ckelleher ! that's means a lot!! that would be great if you have any spare time :)

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      Focus on your oral first; once you get some good spoken irish under your belt you will easily tackle other sections of the paper!

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      oh this is junior cert ... very sorry :')

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      Drop me an email at colink871@gmail,com

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      its ok @adammooney99 and thanks anyways :)

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      Have your parents/guardians been to a parent-teacher meeting yet? You could ask them to speak to your teacher about it and see what your teacher says. if you really want to stay at higher level I'm sure you're capable. Just keep your head down and work hard. Good luck. :)

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      thanks so much. no my parents haven't been yet, its the Thursday we go back to school. I have stayed back after class and told her that im struggling. my parents know that im finding it hard. they will say something at the meeting. thanks again @maireadmc13 :)

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      Don't drop honestly you will be fine. I was the exact same as you this time last year. I was getting straight D's but then in the mocks I got a C and in the actual thing I got a B!! You won't understand everything in French but the things that come up i the listening, written and comprehensions contain similar vocab. I recommend going onto studyclix french listening marking scheme and listening to each tape year by year especially a few weeks before the mocks and junior cert. I have notes on the written section if you need them just message me and for the comprehensions just keep doing them all and looking up words you don't understand and you'll find it a lot easier. If there's hope for me there's hope for you :)

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      Aww thanks a million. I would love any notes of you have time thanks so much and well done getting a B that's so good ☺☺

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      Haha I got a d in the mocks and an A in the real thing #jc2013

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      Seriously?!?! Omg well done

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      I'm doing my junior cert this year as well, and as long as you know where you're going wrong/where you're making mistakes and learn from them you can't not do better. The tests/practices at comprehensions and listenings you do in class should help. If your textbook comes with a CD, play that while studying, you'll be surprised at how much you learn from it just being in the background. Keep a vocabulary copy, and any words that you don't recognise, ask your teacher what they mean and write the French word and English translation into the copy. That way you'll pick up little bits as you go, along and if you're willing to do really well, you can rewrite the vocab copy out when studying. Hope this helps! :)

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      Thanks a lot 😊😊

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      My teacher always tells my class that when you do a listening exam, always highlight the key points in the question so when your doing the exam you can just see the highlited word and not spend time trying to read the question during the cd is on eg.

      When is francois visiting nicole ? You would higlight WHEN and VISIT

      you also just have to be able to recognise a word or two of french vocab because my teacher always says you wont get everything in the listening but you have to be able to catch one or two bits of vocab

      Those are my tips and they have honestly helped me change from a b to an a

      Hope you find them helpful :)

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      thank you so much this helped greatly :):)

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      To be fair, Sarah. You should NOT drop to ordinary level French. 'Cuz believe it or not, a fail on higher level is better than an A at ordinary level? Why? Because you are far more better prepared and have practiced higher level questions. If you are struggling with French, just contact me at and I will help you get that Honour at HL very easily. Fact: French is one of the easiest exams you will do.

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      No problem ! :)))

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