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    Thoughts? Daniel_7788

    What did everyone think?

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      Fairly sound enough, listening was easy enough except what did you say the teacher was doing? Collecting copies? And what colour did you say they were wearing at the yoke with 4000 people?

      The comprehension on the robbery was a bit difficult and didn't know what cathedral was

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      I said collecting copies aswell I said white for the colour anf i found he one about the robbery all right did u get the last part of the cycling one?

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      yeah the answer was a yellow belt

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      Listening - alright.... definitely one of the easier I've done

      Reading - alright... I got around the 70s for this section

      Written - A bit harder than usual for me on the letter but not bad

      Overall, not at all of what I thought it would be.

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      I think the listening was fair, maybe a bit tough for people who are getting C's. The comprehensions definetly of the easy side. They where way easier than recent years have been. The letter and postcard where extremely fair. There wasn't anything crazy in both and we could've gotten a lot worse vocab than cathedral. The letter was very general and allowed for a lot of room to expand your points. Overall, a fairly solid paper that I believe was on the easier side than recent years.

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      Noah Thomas

      I couldn't get "usine", never heard it before! It was for the mother's occupation for Q9. Other than that I found it easy, finished 50 mins early :)

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      Neither could I get usine ^

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      Noah Thomas

      I'll look it up :)

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      Noah Thomas

      It says it's a factory... I think I said animal shelter! XD

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      Noah Thomas

      Anybody doing History next?

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      Anyone get the other thing Sylvia dislikes besides the classical music?

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      Nope ^ only classical music

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      What was the thing about the truck in the listening? What did it collide with? I got everything else and I actually knew the word for cathedral 🙏🏼🙏🏼😂 over all it was a very nice paper

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      Oh yeah I only got one thing Sylvie liked haha

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      Une arbre (tree) and I think it was they hate waking up early but I'm not sure

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      yeah it was a tree and waking up early

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      it was also 4000 people, a lot of people found that hard, but in all fairness the listening and reading apaprt from maybe a few pieces of grammar was simple and the letter was very broad and open to interpretation nearly all of the content for both the postcard and the letter have been on previous exam papers so over all I believe that the test was very fair

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      In the robbery one, why did the guy say they chose his house? I mean I said that it was lit up you can see it alll around and there arent many houses. What was it really?

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      Yeah Sylvia didn't like walking up early and classical music where was the place she lived😂

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      a farm i think?

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      Yeah I got on a farm as well ^

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      I got 4000 people! couldn't get the collision and the truck one. overall It was a fair paper

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      Loads of my answers were not on the line as I scribbled out stuff! Will I loose marks if they are being collected online?? I thought the paper was fine I made some annoying mistakes though!! :)

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      Yeah you will because the computer won't pick it up

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      will the French be marked hard if people found it too easy?

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      Noah Thomas

      Like business? I don't know :)

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      It can't really be marked too hard on the listening and reading comprehensions. All we had was what was given to us, the answers were in the piece so if it's right it's right. The written might be marked slightly harder than before but they can't change the marking scheme. It shouldn't be too bad.

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      it cant be docked if you don't write on the line

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      Just out of interest , did many people finish very early anf left ?

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      Noah Thomas

      Yeah, finished like 50 mins early :) My French teacher might not be happy about that :)

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      Ya I left around 45 minutes early as well

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      alright thanks , thought it was just me lol , kept on thinking i left something out since i was finished 1hr early

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      same here every1 left early the examiner was just like....and the funniest thing was when our recorder failed like twice and we got to start over just randomly kept repeating sssssss over and over again so we got to start over again any1 else? btw for the name I got BAUDIY

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      Noah Thomas

      I actually did a few reading comprehensions during the listening! :) There was only 5 people in the exam centre :)

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      Thought it was BAUDRY no?

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      Noah Thomas

      Our CD was fine :) I can't remember the exact letters of the name, but I know I didn't get an I. Rest of the letters I got

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      I got Baudly (I heard ill - at the L)

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      Noah Thomas

      Oh yeah, that was the letter! I got BAUDLY as well :)

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      Noah Thomas

      Just out of curiosity, who does like Ancient Greek, Jewish Studies etc..... ?

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      Not me

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      Noah Thomas

      Me neither, I just wondered who actually did do it :) I was looking at one of the papers for Greek, and it seemed really hard!

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      my friend has to come in on the last day alone because she is Italian loool

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      Noah Thomas

      Oh man, poor her!! :) I'm done 21st with Metalwork!!

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      Wait what was the item of clothing he was buying online? And what was the result of the accident?

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      I got Baudry as well.

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      Jeans I think

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      I got Baudry and yes it was jeans.

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      Where are u getting r from? I could have sworn that I heard ill.

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      What was the result of the accident? (One of the last questions) is the driver was taken to hospital right?

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      I got Jeans and Baudry, I definitely heard the r proncouned

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      We will find out properly when they upload the tape.

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      I got Baudry too

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      I've Italian too so I'm not finished till the very last day :// I got baudry too

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      It's Baudry - there's no French surname baudly☺️

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      I thought all the names in listenings were made up LOL.

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      it definitely was Baudry I heard the "r"

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      Yeah it's Baudry, Baudly is wrong. I have checked with all my friends.

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      Anybody get the second answer on what's being opened ? I think a tourist office was being opened but what were they going to do? Also for all those why are worrying about not writing on lines or cramming in the answers like I did, you won't we marked down. The device scans everything.

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      I said they were having a firework display but I'm not sure! 'Un grand feu d'artifice' is what I heard!

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      Noah Thomas

      Yeah, it was fireworks show! :)

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      I was going to write that but then I wrote a big gathering ! Do you guys have the comprehension answers ?

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