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sarahbyrnebyrne Junior Cert French — 26/05/16 9

hey every1 jamahl here! I love french and stuff cant believe im doing the jc in 2 weeks yiippay!!!!! every1 follo mise on twitter and insta:jamahl123love

NLJM — 26/05/16
Could you please translate this sentence in French please "I will wake up at twenty five past eleven"
SryanBruen — 26/05/16
Je me réveillerai à 11:25
NLJM — 26/05/16
thank you
NLJM — 26/05/16
Sorry but how do you say " I went swimming in the sea" is it J'ai nagé dans la plage?
joecole — 26/05/16
"Je nagé dans la mer". 'Plage' means beach.
EH458 — 26/05/16
Wouldnt it be J'ai nagé?
SryanBruen — 26/05/16
Yeah it's J'ai nagé dans la mer
EA22 — 26/05/16
It's j"ai bcus the pronoun's first letter is a vowel
SryanBruen — 26/05/16
It's just j'ai?? (one ')
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