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    What is on junior cert french Elisha447

    Is it listening comprehension, reading comprehension and then either to write a letter or a postcard? Or do you write both!? Thank you!! Or have I missed anything? I find the exam papers a bit confusing to follow!

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      The layout:

      Section 1: Listening comprehension (answer in English) (5 parts, A, B, C, D and E)

      Section 2: Reading comprehension (answer in English) (9 comprehensions, getting harder and longer each time as you go towards the 9th question)

      Section 3: Written expression (answer in French)

      For the written expression, you write a note or a postcard (one of them will come up on the paper) and you write a letter.

      Therefore, you do both!

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      Thanks so much!

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      Some years there's just 1 letter choice and it will be informal but there's some years with 2 choices, an informal or formal letter. It never has a formal letter on its own though and I'd advise to always go for the informal!

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