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    written expression Chloe12345678910

    I don't know how to study this, I don't know how to check if my grammar is correct or not?? And because the things we've to write have changed in the past two years IVE no other letters to practice? Any ideas on how to study it?

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      Look through the exam papers and see what comes up every year and write an answer for it, try and use the same answers for multiple question . Like if it asked you about news at school say your teachers sick if it asks news about your bestfriend say she is sick if it says news about your family say your sick...etc. Everytime you asked about someting you did in the past tense say the same thing so you know they are correct going into the exam.Do this for all questions.

      Make a list of all the phrases you are going to learn and ask your teacher to correct them for you, then learn them really well and you will do great!

      Good Luck :)

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      learn off idioms x

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