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    2016 Geography HL Short Questions Answers SryanBruen

    Here you go


    Short Questions Answers


    (i) Sandstone

    (ii) Sedimentary rock

    (iii) County Cork


    (i) Meanders

    (ii) Alluvium

    (iii) Hydro


    Precipitation = C

    Evaporation = A

    Condensation = B


    (i) Slow

    (ii) Gravity

    (iii) Regolith


    (i) Haiti

    (ii) 2011

    (iii) Richter Scale


    A = Crust

    B = Outer Core

    C = Inner Core


    1, 3, 4 are correct

    8. A.

    A = 2

    B = 4

    C = 1

    D = 3

    8. B.

    A = 4

    B = 3

    C = 1

    D = 2

    9. A.

    Factory worker, Brewer, Baker

    9. B.

    A = Detached

    B = Semi-detached

    C = Terraced

    10. A.


    10. B.



    (i) July

    (ii) 20mm

    (iii) 70mm


    (i) Mali

    (ii) Low

    (iii) Sahara Desert


    (i) Losing

    (ii) Lowland

    (iii) Oak


    1, 3, 5 are correct


    A = 4

    B = 1

    C = 2

    D = 3


    Cyclonic or frontal rainfall




    A = 3

    B = 4

    C = 1

    D = 2




    (i) Centre foreground

    (ii) Centre background

    (iii) Oblique

    If you're unsure about any, feel free to argue!

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      19. 110m

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      They are exactly what i got

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      isnt mali high population?

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      No hahaha not even close geniuse.

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      Alex if you go to the point EXACTLY as it says it in the question which is L 950 788, you can see that it is 120m. I can see where you would get confused though. It was a bad question.

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      I don't find anything wrong with my answers... anybody else?

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      Did you do question 3 in long question? If so what did you say for individual migration?? Also what would 2 characteristics of new polder settlement be please?? And I got the same short answers :)

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      I didn't Q3 sorry hahaha I did 2, 4 and 5

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      I didn't do** Jesus I can barely speak LOL

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      Ohh Ok thanks anyways :)

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      I spelled Richter ricthar would I still get the marks?

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      Yes, probably just lose 1 mark. It is a very little spelling mistake.

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      would u be able to do the answers for OL

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      Is Q.2 s.q , I said interlocking spur?

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      For question 3, I think you can do the Famine or migration from the west of Ireland. I didn't do that one either.

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      For polders, I think the main characteristic is that its planned with straight roads and stuff like that?

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      I pretty sure 13 is spruce and all because it is about coniferous trees

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      Deciduous trees are famous for losing their leaves and according to Google, nearly all oak trees are deciduous trees.

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      Q13 is NOT about coniferous trees. Look at the question again Sophie!

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      Is 9 the house on its own not a bungalow? (Not that it matters because I got the or question right) well done for doing that out btw

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      No because it is a two-storey house. If it didn't have a second storey i.e. an upstairs, it would be a bungalow.

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      Oops haha it's okay, thankfully I think I got full marks, thanks. I know you didn't do it but you did predict it so you must have learned it - for the diagram of the karst landscape I did a cave with a swallow hole, and stalactite labelled is this okay for full

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      Thanks, well done for your geog work

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      Here you go Imck

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      Thanks. Of correcting my own short questions today with these answers, I got 52/60 marks on them.

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      Sryanbruen are you a jc student? You are unbelievably smart if you are 😮😮😮😮

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      Yes I am Paul

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      Jamesopoop mmmm, Interlocking Spurs are a good guess BUT unfortunately there's one thing that odds them out for an answer and I was correct with Meanders. Because the question states the MIDDLE COURSE of the river whilst Interlocking Spurs are part of the UPPER COURSE of the river.

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      I hope you understand the difference?

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      Thanks @SyranBruen I think i got all these right except that i said mali was high population density :S What long questions did you do?? How did you find the long questions overall??

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      Thanks @SyranBruen Dissappointing about that mali density question :'( What long questions did you do ??

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      Long questions though were quite tricky. I did Q2, 4 & 5.

      Q1 was horrible. Only thing that came up as predicted by me on this is the Karst landscape.

      Q2 was alright and I predicted B&C correctly. A was different though - it was a variation of the climatic factors that last came up in 2013 which I studied for this exam. Overall, I wasn't disappointed with this question.

      Q3 was mostly awful. The only thing that came up here that I predicted was factors that influence the rate of population change. Individual migration? Like what? I never studied individual migration before, only organised migration.

      Q4 was a mix. My only problem was the Urban Sprawl one. Everything else was fine.

      Q5 was grand, it was as predicted by me.

      AubernGene ^

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      Did u actually only get 52/60, i think i got 60/60 as i dont see anything wrong with my answers. Its justs that u seem so good at geography. What did u get in ure mock?

      I got 98%

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      66%! hahaha. (78% in short questions, 59% in long questions). For me long questions, I wasn't descriptive enough but I did attempt each one correctly and got at least some marks on each - so I did not technically get any of them wrong.

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      52/60 = 87%, so I did better in my JC at the short questions than the mock

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      I got 58/60 in the short questions, so that's 97%. I lost 1 mark in the long questions on question on the greenhouse effect

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      Yes I see I never thought about that , thanks for explaining it to me , and in Q4 long questions when it says urban land uses what would u be saying for that , I think I got that wrong ?🤔

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      In one of the questions about a developing country and high population density I said Hong Kong.. Like its quickly developing but still developing. Will my marks be affected

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      No Cantstudyformylife

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      For the likes of question 1 in short questions if you get two parts right out of the three will you get any marks ?

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      For question 1 in the short questions if you said marble but then picked metamorphic you won't get marks for marble but you will get marks for metamorphic as it is consistent with your first answer.

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      Jamesopoop for urban land uses you could have said stuff like recreational (e.g. a gaa pitch), educational (e.g. a school), ecclesiastical (e.g. a church), residential (e.g. a housing estate), commercial (e.g. shops), legal (e.g. a courthouse), financial (e.g. a bank), industrial (e.g. a factory) etc

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      Yes ^ it's literally urban functions in other words.

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      Dam it I didn't read the question right , I saw land uses and started talking about fairing and forestry and industry , that is 10 marks out the window 🤒😳 thanks for telling me 👌🏿

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      You may get some marks as forestry is a land use but a rural one but if the examiner is generous they may give you some marks

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      For the long question 2 Cii (two effects of desertification) are - abandonment of agricultural land which causes people to move to the cities putting pressure on services in the area & poverty because families no longer have agricultural employment and no food source both acceptable answers?

      Also for 3Ciii (2 negative impacts of unfair trading on the economies of the developing world) unemployment because the employers on farms cant afford to pay employees & poverty because if they do not receive enough money they cant afford to maintain the farms and therefore have no food source or jobs to receive wages to pay for food. (obviously I developed these answers)

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      Would you give me the marks like?

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      would you give me the marks like?

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      For Q2 Cii abandonment of agricultural land would be more associated with low population density this is probably an acceptable answer though and poverty is true aswell. I did this question and said famine becomes widespread due to failure of crops as the soil is infertile and I said that migration levels out of the area increase as people search for better opportunities so they migrate abroad or to refugee camps.

      I didn't do Q3 Ciii but I am fairly certain that you're answers would be acceptable

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      I got 56/60 :)

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