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    Geography Studying Tips? TEST TOMMOROW! irelandisawesome

    Hey guys, just want to ask how for some tips on studying Geography, I have the test tommorow so PLS HELP

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      Nicole Keenan


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      you have to study this subject for at least an hour but keep revising the topics many times but it is extremely easy

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      Here are tips for studying Geography:

      Study all necessary topics for the upcoming test and test yourself on what you know. You can do this by drawing spider diagrams and write in the key points. When learning diagrams, close the book and draw the diagram and write in all necessary labels and notes. Then, refer back to the original diagram (in the book) and correct mistakes.

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      Also, don't try and cram everything in one go. Focus on one topic at a time and take breaks in increments of maybe 10 minutes per hour.

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      That's what she siad

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      Ahahaha thanks guys!

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