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    I just can't study! zaraaaaaahh

    No matter what I do,I just can't study. I try all my best,I just can't and I'm afraid I'll fail my junior cert.what should I do?

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      Work, remove all distractions from your room i.e. phones ipods laptops, start from the start, don't count the pages until your finished, don't let your mind wander as you then will want to do something else. Do not pretend to be on e.g. studyclix wen ur actually on something else. Make sure ur mam is in the room while ur on studyclix etc. or get the laptop out of your room. be proud of your achievments, don't have breaks after each subject only have a break when u can't process the information make it 20 mins at most and make sure you don't go over the limit. Trick ur mind into thinking you want to study. There

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      Just try your best

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      don't just study for a night or an hour really work at your hours till it gets in your head:) even if it kills you

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      past exam papers

      . do all previous short questions an answers can be found on the internet for all of them go over them again and again until you know them (took me about 5 rounds of this) as similar question come up all the time this will help.

      with the long questions keep writing answers out to past papers until you can write out an answer with as many points as you can this is what I'm doing and it seems to be heping . might help if you grouped past questions into similar topics and not by year as well good luck

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      thanks lads:))

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      Check our blog Zaraaaaaah!

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      Yeah I feel the exact same......i think everyone is in the same boat to be purely honest. I saw a survey recently and it said something like only 8 percentage of Irish students actually a have a good,cooperative,helpful teacher in geography. My teacher is sooo bad. We literally read the chapter, sometimes to questions and he just rants...... all of the rest of our teachers are helping us with plans etc. so I think its up to ourselves to study. I wont lie it is tough to get but i'd say do some exam papers and on here look up common questions and try to do some vocab revision and diagrams! Hope this helps :))

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      Just relax and try to stay focused.

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      Just try ur best after all what will b will b! do ur best at studying for 2 hrs a nite n u will soon c da difference

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      if you're finding it hard to study i suggest you use studyclix aswell as removing distractions and physically sitting down to study as by reading exam questions,seeing what you know and then looking at the marking scheme you would be surprised at how much you will learn

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