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    Predictions?? sean.hilliard2

    Any predictions for this years paper??

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      People are saying it's going to be like 2008 but I don't think you can predict to be honest. I would look at O.S. though 'cause it's a definite.

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      Yeah OS map definitely, a question on river erosion maybe? Xx

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      Urbanisation/Industry, Economic Activity, Population/Movement of People and Physical Geography are common as well

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      what about functional zones ?!

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      Population, River\Coastal erosion, The earth's crust, Irrigation\Desertification .........these r what my Geo teacher said would most likely come up.

      Good Luck everyone:)

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      My teacher said that all you have to do is revise your strongest and okay topics! He said likely revise over the stuff your unsure of because if you don't know them now you never will. The best thing to do is to attempt an exam paper with little or no revision and then check the answers with this, that way you can workout what you have to focus on the most and it might help you figure out the common topics that come up on the papers.

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