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    Big help & sample answers available (PART 2) SryanBruen

    Due to my previous thread now having way too many posts that the loading for the thread goes slow, I thought that I would create a new thread of it. If you want to see the notes or help I gave to students, you can see them here:

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      what is the answer for 2016 long question 3A part ii ?

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      do you have answers for OS maps relating to rural patterns of settlement

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      Hey what topic does settlement patterns come under when looking for papers?

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      Sorry that I haven't been available to answer your questions. I will hopefully do so tomorrow.

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      Dammit I forgot, I'm very very sorry.

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      And I can finally answer your questions.


      New settlements were created on polders so that people could make a living on the reclaimed land from the sea. The new settlements were also created due to more agricultural land. With the more population living on the reclaimed land, more services were provided and thus, created more employment for the Netherlands as well as give job opportunities to the people who decided to live there.


      Do you not have a specific question for me to answer for you?


      Urban Geography, O.S. Mapwork and Regions & Europe.

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      Renitha R

      Sample letter in Irish for a holiday(higher level) please

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      Does anybody want anymore help in Geography?

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      Renitha R

      So sorry thought it was Irish. Don't even ask me why

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      Renitha R

      By any chance do you have a thread for geography notes, I really need notes for economic inequality

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      For the moment, have this. I will get notes for you.

      attachment Geography Revision; Primary Economic Activities.docx

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      A query: would I be taking a huge risk if I were only to learn a form of slow mass movement, fast mass movement, one feature of coastal erosion, one on coastal deposition and the same regarding rivers? Or have exams previously specified exactly the feature they require you to write about? Thanks

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      do you have any population and economic inequality notes

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      Audrey T

      what do i need to know in the weather and climate chapter??

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      Evelunn55, no that's not a big risk at all.

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      Isabeldeas, you can find my population notes within the JC Geography resources on this. Economic inequality notes I don't have typed yet.

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      Audrey T, I'll reply to that ASAP, it's just that when typing this, it's very late.

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      Do you have a sample answer to 2010 section 2 question 3 (higher level)? I have a test tomorrow, and I only spotted this question now - and it seems extremely likely to come up!!

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      (i) As indicated by the table, the trend in the Celtic Sea over recent decades is that fish stock has gone down.

      (ii) Overfishing means exploiting the fish to the point where they'll become extinct instead of letting them breed new fish.

      (iii) The size of modern fishing vessels is one reason why overfishing has occurred. When these large fishing trawlers go to sea they are accompanied by factory ships. These factory ships process the fish at sea, which means trawlers can stay at sea for longer periods. A second reason overfishing has occurred is due to improvements in technology. Modern navigational aids such as echo sounders and sonar equipment are used to locate fish shoals. These fish are then caught by trawling or drift netting.

      B - you should have your own sample answer learned for this as schools do different companies

      C - Unfortunately, I cannot see the map but it's as simple as stating two reasons that you should know what you're doing - look out for attractions that catch the tourist's attention.

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      Can you give me an example of part B - for example the title. Because I'm not sure what the question is about

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      RUSAL Aughinish is located in Aughinish Island, 28km downstream from Limerick City on the Shannon Estuary. It is an alumina refinery that extracts alumina from the resource material, bauxite. Alumina is a semi-finished product.

      There are many factors which influence Aughinish's location but I am going to state three in particular.

      Firstly, transport. The Shannon Estuary is a deep-water estuary with depths of 22m at low tide. This is deep enough enough to take very large ships known as bulk carriers. Since, the heavy industry, Aughinish requires sea transport, it needs to be located beside water

      Secondly, the site. Aughinish Island is a very large water front site of almost 4km (squared). The site is large enough to store the waste material from the refinery.

      Moreover, the source of resource material. Bauxite, a bulky resource material comes mainly from West Africa by ship. The product alumina, is re-exported. Therefore, it is vital that the refinery is on a coastal location.

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      Thank you so much!!!!

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      Audrey T, you need to know the following:

      - Each type of rainfall, how they're formed and a diagram

      - ONE type of cold climate in detail

      - ONE type of warm climate in detail

      - ONE type of temperate climate in detail

      - Each of the weather instruments and know at least TWO in detail of how they're used

      - Though you must know what each instrument measures and its measurement type

      - Isobars / Isotachs / Isohels / Isohyets / Isotherms

      - What the atmosphere is made of

      - Warm/cold fronts

      - Coriolis effect

      - Water cycle (you need to know this for Science and CSPE also)

      - What an anticyclone and depression is

      - Causes, impacts and solutions to Global Warming

      In fact, the whole chapter is nearly all worth studying tbh, there is a lot you have to know for the paper in the weather and climate chapter.

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      Is there anything in the chapter on the restless atmosphere that won't come up in the long questions? The chapter is so long and it would help if I wrote notes on the things that are most likely to come up

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      Here ya go Eva, I've been working on these notes for you in the past hour.

      attachment The Restless Atmosphere Notes.pdf

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      Omg thank you much appreciated:)

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      Hi there, I was just wondering if you could please help me with the question from 2013 Section 2 > Question 3A higher level.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Hey! If you're not busy, would you be able to make a study checklist? I'd be so grateful if you could do so, as I just want to ensure that I've covered everything :)I know, you have a lot to do at the moment, so if you can't don't worry! And also, sorry if you've already posted a checklist, there's just so many threads it really difficult to keep track! :)

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      Hi I was wondering would u be able to help ,I'm struggling to write an answer to 2006 Q1 part C (ii)

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      (i) The type of vegetation is influenced by climate. Vegetation provides plant litter to form humus. Organic matter is broken down by living organisms. Rain leaches minerals through the soil. The parent material, aka the bedrock, provides the mineral matter which gives the soil its nutrients.

      (ii) Brown Earth Soils and Podzol Soils

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      (ii) The area at X, which is southern Sweden, suffers from high levels of acid rain due to them being exposed to wind and rain-borne pollution. As a result, the soil is poorly equipped to defend itself against acidification.

      Don't worry about that question as it's a very bad question and will likely never come up again.

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      BrianMurph02, I don't have time sorry. You need to look at past exam papers as well as your book and see what you need to study. For example, you need to know TWO types of Irish soils in detail.

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      Thank you sooooo much!! You're a life saver ;)

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      hi there, I was wondering have you any notes on global warming

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      Do you have any notes on mechanical weathering and karst landscapes

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      massey3120 they're in the notes on the Restless Atmosphere here:

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      Aseel.kheir, I have not got notes right now BUT if I have time tomorrow, I will make them for you.

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      Thank you

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      thank you

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      Here are the notes for you Aseel.kheir. Finally got them completed!

      attachment Weathering Notes.pdf

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