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    Do you have to write long answers in geography? naxmax9

    I know in history and English you have to write loads of pages but do you have to write a page for 1 long question in geography? I know a diagram and two paragraphs will take up a page but for questions with no diagrams do you have to write a page?

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      Renitha R

      Just usually write as much as you possibly can for the answers and give an example

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      Yeah you do have to write long answers for the long questions. We get told it should be about two pages long. There is also an easy question the the LC which has to be 6 pages, so there is a lot of writing in Geography.

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      Really depends on the question. If it asks to EXPLAIN, you definitely need to write a copy page i.e. half an A4 page on the question. If it asks to NAME, then all you do is name, very simple. If it asks to STATE, you need to have like a short paragraph written.

      LOOK OUT FOR THE WORDS THEY ASK YOU (Name, state, explain etc)

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      What if they ask you to describe?

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      It's quite in between state and explain really. If it is something like Describe THREE factors that influence the rate of a population then it's like "Explain". If it is something like Describe the location of __________, then it's like "State". Do you get me?

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      I get it now. Thanks so much! Now I'll kno how to approach questions properly for my tests tomorrow

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