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    Geo marking scheme Clownie*

    can someone explain to me how the marking scheme works for geography?

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      Section one- 60 marks @ 3 marks each

      Section two- Three Questions @ 30 marks each

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      thanks, but what about the st2, D1 etc?

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      I got this from a marking scheme on rocks... I hope this is what you are looking for :)

      A. Rock Types

      (i) State which of the images above A, B or C shows basalt rock.

      Image Named @ 2m

      (ii) Name a location in Ireland where basalt is found.

      Location Named @ 2m

      (iii) Describe and explain how basalt is formed.

      Two Des/Exp @ 3m each (St2 + D1)

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      thank you! :)

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