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    geography hints naoise123

    long question predictions

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      migration (current affairs)

      population pyramids (census)

      coastal/glacial erosion or deposition (was a river last year)

      os sketch map (was photograph last year)

      weather especially rain (flooding was current around the time the paper was made)

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      thank you so much xx

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      does the sketch map and the os change every year

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      it seems to have most years, i think there was once instance a few years back where it had 2 the same in a row, but honestly there isn't much difference between the two

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      thank you all so much i literally haven't touched geography

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      same haha, but if you have done homework and kept up to date throughout the year u will b fine! remember to bring a ruler to the exam, and a few coloured pencils (and obviously a hb or whatever also!)

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