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Geography long questions higher level
Liam1000 Junior Cert Geography — 10/06/16 10

Anyone know what could come in the long questions for geography?

SryanBruen — 08/06/16
Liam1000 — 08/06/16
Thanks :)
sorecauvanesa — 08/06/16
@sryanbruen what are the physical geography topics that are most likely to come up
SryanBruen — 08/06/16
Climatic topics A type of world climate (unpredictable whether it's warm, cold or temperate) Coastal/Glacial deposition/erosion Mass movement type ^ The ones I have big calls for
Lauren_8904 — 09/06/16
@sryanbruen what long questions do you think are going to come up . thanks
SryanBruen — 09/06/16
Look in the thread I gave a link to Lauren...
carolinaaplasencia — 09/06/16
its def not going to be a cold climate, right as that came up in 2014 and before then it was only ur chosen climate Syran Bruen
Liam1000 — 09/06/16
Thanks :)
Amyburke — 10/06/16
Do you need to know all three types of mass movement or just one?Like what would they ask for in the question? ��
carolinaaplasencia — 10/06/16
you should definetly familarise yourself with two mass types
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