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Geography Predictions? (Long Questions)
Adam_1937 Junior Cert Geography — 09/06/16 6

anyone have any predictions for geography long questions excluding the map q

Paul T — 09/06/16
The map question
Gazza1997 — 09/06/16
I'v a strange feeling short questions will come up.
Adam_1937 — 09/06/16
much appreciated
123HOLOPER456 — 09/06/16
gowaan cazz hahahahahahahahahahha D @Adam_1937
CianJ — 09/06/16
I think there will be a question on human migration because of the Syrian migrant crisis.
hannahnugent1 — 09/06/16
Climate change and flood protection could come up as it was a big topic around the time the exams were written
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