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    help me ..??? karen11

    haven't studied at all and one know what coming up? and tips! i had irish today so i can help someone

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      I am starting my mocks on Wed and so I am not sure whats going to come up, but from what I have heard there will be

      Sea, women in industry, soils and the earths crust, high population density, weather, atmosphere, OS maps, as far as i know there Was a question on your studied industry, weather and climate.

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      glaciation/ coast

      aerial photograph

      weather and climate (u may need a calculator and colouring pencils)

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      I did :Physical

      Sedimentary& metamorphic rocks

      How to predict earthquakes and


      Contrast between secondary activities in two irish regions you have studied

      Population distribution in continental-sub continetal region not in europe you have studied

      Economic :

      Ordance Survey Map

      Something about economy in developed region ( i did the Paris Basin)

      Geoecology : Biomes

      Human interaction and effects on the soil

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      o sorry ,its for leaving cert

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