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    HELPme someone 😁 Sineadsweet15

    I find physical geo really hard and I study for 1 hour everyday and I still don't learn anything thanks whoever anso

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      Make flash cards and hang them up in your room study room etc then look at them every time you pass and you will be reminded of it and it will come easier for you to remember it

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      Okay I was in the same position as you last year. What I found best was to say *I'll learn sea erosion terms today* then when I understood the concept I would learn the affects. Please don't learn it off and not understand it , it's a quick fix but in the long term you won't remember it.

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      Past papers and more of them. Choose a topic. For example "Rivers"

      Read that chapter 3 times to yourself.

      Then construct a really good answer to the following question

      (i) Name a feature of river deposition and explain it's formation with the aid of a diagram

      (ii) Name a feature of river erosion and explain it's formation with the aid of a diagram

      (iii) Explain briefly two positive effects which rivers have on humans

      (iv) Explain briefly one way in which humans pollute rivers

      The answers to this question should cover you for any possible river question you may get on Paper 2. They have a habit of either rewording the question above OR simply taking segments of it and including it inside another question on Physical Geog.

      Read over your sample answers whenever you have some study time set aside.

      1 hour for 1/3 of a subject is crazy. Perhaps break it up and you'll find it will come to you wayyyy easier

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      im a first year who did a junior cert geography and found it a piece of cake cause i won the geo world championchips

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      record yourself saying the information that you want to learn

      and listen to it as you fall asleep.

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      Contact me at and we'll talk about it. I have helped other students get As even though I haven't done the exam myself haha - that is just how smart I am - I am not being egoistic about this - it's the truth. Looking forward to be working with you. I have plenty of resources to help you.

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      i have a website that you could use to help it helped me study for my Junior Cert

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      Alo Marlow

      WING IT

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