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High/Low Population Density in Country/City
Passmore1 Junior Cert Geography — 27/05/16 6

Do I need to know Both Counties - Mali, West of Ireland - and Cities - Kolkata, Hong Kong - or just one of each. Confused as looking through EQ's didn't make it clear

SryanBruen — 11/05/16
For HL, both of each but for OL, one of each - that's what the syllabus says.
Passmore1 — 12/05/16
Much Appreciated, better get learning!
shredden — 17/05/16
no as far as i know you only have to know one of each in detail
SryanBruen — 17/05/16
Shredden that's what the syllabus says!!!!
comet7852 — 17/05/16
Screw the syllabus I just learned off one of each Ireland is easy to remember
Simon.G — 27/05/16
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