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    How did everyone find geog? EH458

    I thought the paper was quite different (Higher) disappointed there was no coastal erosion or deposition, or river erosion or deposition either! Very little physical landscape options actually, which is what I had mostly studied πŸ€” Luckily enough I seemed to get through it, I did Q 3 4 and 5, how'd everyone else find it?

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      It was pretty easy I just did 3,4,5

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      Maths was tricky

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      I mean 1,4,5!

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      Yeah maths wasn't the best πŸ˜‚ The last part of Question 8 caught me out πŸ™

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      I messed up like the easy stuff and got the last question nearly all rightπŸ˜“ I could figure out the brackets

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