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    How Do You Get an A in Geography?! naxmax9

    Okay, I think geography is an easy enough subject. Short questions aren't too hard. The thing is I can never get an A in geography. I got one once in first year (93%) on my Christmas exam but that was it. I always get 77%-82% in geography and it's starting to get quite annoying. For example, I got a test back and I got 78%. Whenever I write a page long answer with good points I only end up with 8 or 9 marks out of 10. I always get about 6 marks on diagram questions. How can one get an A in geography? I really want an A in geography for the junior cert.

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      go to the burren

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      Matt Gilligan

      Study Study Study!

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      You learn your stuff off by heart. To get an A you want to be nearly able to just recite the book

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      Know the marking scheme. There's no point writing tons of info if you are not going to get the marks. I think it's was something along the lines of statement development explanation example but different teachers suggest different methods of answering. If you are losing marks on diagrams make sure everything is adequately labelled, including a title and frame.

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      Don't give up and spend your whole life studying even under the bed clothes with a torch

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      I got an A in geography for my JC and the only advice I can give is to know all the short questions if you can, I know they're small but you can get a lot of points out of them, the diagrams have to be laid out clearly and labelled. When describing the diagram you need to almost recite the book or any marking scheme answers. And finally for the longer questions; if you find it hard to remember these, pick one thing out of it and relate it to your own life, or make a song or just imagine something that looks like it and then develop it well. You could have good points but you need to back up your answers (with examples) develop your answers and don't just write sentences. My teacher used to say to do really well its all about quality over quantity. Hope this helps!:)

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      Bullet point long answers on flashcards and draw diagrams on the back. Practice tons of OS map questions. Also, don't get the horrific 2016 paper because that was why I didn't get an A.

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      It's very easy. I'll admit I was a bit of a messer (not anymore 😂) during the JC and I still managed to get an A in the higher paper. My advice would be make sure you have a good understanding of everything rather than learning things off for the sake of learning them. On the day of the exam write down everything you know about the topic

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      for long questions if you want to get 10 out of 10

      these are the steps:

      1)clearly state the particular topic e.g. limestone

      2)explain your answer

      3)expand your answer even more

      4)give an example e.g the burren co. clare

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      study the absolute heure out of it

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