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Human Geography Questions: Urban Renewal
evelunn55 Junior Cert Geography — 13/01/17 4

2007, Section 2, Q4.B. (ii) Explain how urban renewal has benefited local people in one Irish urban area that you have studied. Any ideas?

lemonpeach21 — 12/01/17
The one in my book I think is Dolphins barn And it's like building new houses, more social places such as Theatres more Shops, Nice Environment, more schools I think that's it I'm not sure though because I haven't looked at my book but I think so
evelunn55 — 12/01/17
Thanks for that - anything helps! :)
lemonpeach21 — 12/01/17
I'll send you the case study tomorrow evening on it with the full kinda thing :)
evelunn55 — 13/01/17
lemonpeach21 I'd appreciate it greatly!
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