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ronanmurray Junior Cert Geography — 12/06/16 13

I wrote about about the people moving from the Mezzogiorno to the north of Italy. Is that ok?

jackkfleming — 11/06/16
Uhhh, I'm afraid that it's up to the examiner but I think they will assume that you got it mixed up with the North and South Italy case study.. Sorry D:
— 11/06/16
i mean if it was just one person, i'd say you'll be fine. i believe they were looking for west of ireland to dublin, but your idea would also work, as it's for the same reasons (work, education, standard of living etc) and it tends to be individual
Sarah2014 — 11/06/16
im not sure to be honest sorry but we were told to do the English moving to Ireland during the Ulster Plantation for the individual migration
ronanmurray — 11/06/16
Glitteryhippie I used all those reasons so do u think I'll still get some marks?
23457 — 11/06/16
I talked about people from seria to germany is that ok
Bh2015 — 11/06/16
@Sarah2014 is that not organised migration?
Jack_6934 — 11/06/16
I wrote about Calcutta which was away off the topic but I did speak about them leaving because of war and in search of better lifestyle, job etc and it would abandon agricultural land. Will I get 1 or 2 marks out of 10 for effort?
Sarah2014 — 11/06/16
@Bh2015 oh yes it is sorry
@23457 Maybe. Though I would classify the refugee crisis as forced migration, and definitely not individual.
ronanmurray — 11/06/16
So wait am I ok? Will I at least get a few marks???
Sarah2014 — 11/06/16
yes im sure you will :)
rocky123 — 11/06/16
You will get your marks as you talked about people migrating from one place to another and not being forced and also you didnt refer to a mass exodus such as the refugees coming to Europe or the British and Scottish coming to Ulster during the plantations which is also an example of organised migration
23457 — 12/06/16
@DONALDTRUMP4PREZ will i still get some marks
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