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    Individual migration helpppppp xroisinx

    If I wrote about the Ulster plantation for this would I get any marks? Even for the push factors and effect on the people??

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      Well that was organised migration so I'm not sure if they'll give you the marks

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      You might because individual migration is not in every geography book and there's no case study about it so it wasn't really a fair question I think!

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      Okay thanks!

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      I talked about the famine in Ireland, as individuals migrated to the US and such, I had a lot of facts from history that I could sue so I went with it!

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      If loads of other people did then they might change the marking scheme to allow for attempt marks

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      depends.. but im pretty sure thts organised..They were looking for movement from the west of ireland to the east(dublin) that was in my book, new geo but it was only like 2 paragraphs but pretty stright forwrd

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      Yh they might allow attempt marks

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