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    IRRIGATION SCHEME?? HELP? harvey2001

    we didnt learn a case study for irrigation, can someone please give me a sample answer?

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      (i) The term given to the artificial watering of crops is irrigation.

      (ii) The Central Valley Project, California.

      (iii) One advantage of this scheme is that the San Joaquin Valley is no longer a semi-arid desert region. Irrigation water allows for the production of cotton, vegetables, oranges and lemons in the region.

      (iv) One disadvantage of the scheme is the loss of agricultural land. The reservoirs have flooded some agricultural land behind the dam and as a result some farmers have had to abandon their farmland and move to other areas.

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      the aswan dam poject in the river nile valleysorry cant right nw just studying

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      thats the 2012 L2 (B)

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      thank you xx

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