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Last minute help!
Danielle1358 Junior Cert Geography — 09/06/16 6

What are the key little things to look over for tomorrow?? ASAP please!

Maria25 — 09/06/16
Someone please help me too
Gazza1997 — 09/06/16
+2 could do with abit of last minute tips
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
Look over the past exam questions and see if your able to brainstorm all of them whatever ones you find tricky look over the chapter summary
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
Good luck!
SryanBruen — 09/06/16
https://www.studyclix.ie/Discuss/Junior-Cert-Geography/predictions-geo And in this thread, go up from the bottom and find my sample paper I made of my predictions: https://www.studyclix.ie/Discuss/Junior-Cert-Geography/big-help-sample-answers-available
Maria25 — 09/06/16
Thank you soo much
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