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    mocks tomorrow!! rebeccarochex

    anyone have any tips on what came up?

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      for what subject history r busniess

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      there will be archaeologist on dig and native who lived during age of exploration or the working condition for need to write essay

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      For Me Higher Level History: -Q5.- The Age Of Exploration. Q4.-People In HIstory-A.-ancient civilisation outside of Ireland, or , a farmer living in ancient pre christian Ireland, or , a monk on medieval monastery, B.- a planter who settled on a named Ireland plantation, or, a supporter of a named revolutionary leader in America or France or Ireland during the period 1770-1803, or, a named leader in the struggle for Irish independence 1900-1923, or , a member of the Nazi party describing how hitler came to power.

      Thats The Only Part Of The Mock Paper I Have I My Copy Sorry:) Good Luck:) xx

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