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    predictions geo jewelmary2016

    anyone have any predicitons on what might come up in geography

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      What year u in

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      Factors that influence climates

      Coastal erosion / deposition

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      Omega Zero


      I've seen your recent posts and notice that you are very dedicated to your work especially (Geography,French,Irish)...

      I'm just wondering what are you expecting for the Geography J.C exam? Cause what you gave is very likely to come up...

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      he got a b in the pre...

      its kind of annoying me how he is everywhere

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      Alex F

      Since it's the year of the Census I think Population Pyramids will come up

      Climate hasn't come up in a while so maybe that.

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      Since Alex finds me annoying, I will not help anyone at all anymore on studyclix. GOODBYE. Plus I'm making the moderators delete every single one of my posts and threads.

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      What Aoife

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      Thank gawd m8 he unly got a b men

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      ImBackBorrists I'm really struggling to understand your text speak or bad English. BUT results tell you nothing about a person. It's a load of crap how they rely on results. It's a matter of what comes up on the paper! You might know certain set songs in Music very well but the ones you don't know very well then appear on the paper?? OR you might know weather very well in Geography but it does not appear on the paper. See, it's all a matter of what comes up on the paper.

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      1. He is being very helpful to many other Junior Certs.

      2. Mocks are much harder than the real thing and of course everyone makes mistakes. What do his grades matter?

      3. If you find him annoying, then don't go on studyclix. He wants to help others, and everyone goes on studyclix to get as much help as you can get. You should be thankful that he's helping others. Keep your mouth shut if you've something hurtful to say.

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      Sorry I apologise SyranBruen. You have helped me before. i dont find it annoying . I was annoyed that day for other reasons i took it out on you. Sorry ..... thanks for the help.

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      Also I did not mean you were annoying I meant that it was "annoying" "crazy" the way you can answer so many people and still get a "b" in the pres---- its called envy

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      Other possibilities I have seen:

      - Land use

      - Tourism

      - Sketch map on OS Map (not Aerial Photograph)

      - Population distribution

      - Migration

      - Mechanical weathering

      - Chemical weathering

      - Weather instruments

      - Global warming

      - Population density

      - Aid

      - Urban redevelopment / renewal

      - New town

      - Why a city located at a particular place

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      What do you say for a question on mechanical weathering

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      With the aid of a labelled diagram, describe an example of Mechanical Weathering.

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      I think irrigation and desertification might come up too

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      @SryanBruen do you have notes on all the weather instruments please? Thanks in advance

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      The Facebook page that these are on is owned by me by the way. I couldn't send you my powerpoint because for some reason, Studyclix is not letting me upload ANY RESOURCES anymore.

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      Wow this thread is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions

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      does any one think anything on oil culd come up lyk it was on 2014 paper

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      Sryan i just want to say that you have helped me soo much with irish

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      ik this is all for geography but yh

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      which climate?

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