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Section 2 2016
saoirseteahan Junior Cert Geography — 07/06/16 3

Does anybody have any idea of what could come up in section 2 this year please!!!

Alex F
Alex F — 04/06/16
Question 1 might be mid ocean ridges with river or sea deposition. Maybe then explain Chemical weathering Question 2 will probably talk about the atmosphere with fossil fuels. Weather might also come up. Question 3 will probably see the likes of population pyramids and why the government uses them. Then either woman at work or secondary economic activities. Question 4 with Urbanisation will probably see the likes of a named city with high population density. Then reasons for how it Can be prevented. Question 5 is always the Map and Aerial Photograph. Probably draw a sketch map and pick on the map a site for suitable factory
SryanBruen — 04/06/16
saoirseteahan — 07/06/16
Thank you!!
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