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    Section 2 Geography John4853

    Anyone know what's more likely to come up in Q1 volcanoes or earthquakes im not sure cause I know volcanoes but I have feeling that it will be an earthquake question because of Nepal this year, what you's think?

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      big lump of poo

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      If earthquakes do come up, I doubt it will be because of Nepal because my teacher told us that the papers are made months in advance

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      the papers were made in november, so that earthquake would be irrelevant in the picking of questions

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      Does anyone have any predictions ? Map and mix are a definite.. Secondary economic activities is likly, thinks like farming fishing and peat ? Anyone agree or have anything else ?

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      Ye I agree with you, I think the long questions will be like 2013s and some of 2012 like irrigation and fishing not saying that they will be just my opinion :)

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      And 2013 has soil creep, tourist regions, peat bogs :)

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      Anyone else agree with me

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      Good stuff. Thanks John

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