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    timing adammmm32

    the exam is 2 hours how long should i spend on section 1 and 2

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      Short Questions - 20 mins

      Long Questions - 90 mins, 30 mins per long question

      10 mins to look over your work then

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      what topics should i revise for section 2?

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      Use my sample paper (I made with the same Geography marking scheme) as a guide for this year's long questions. They are not 100% going to come up but they have a good chance. Go to the bottom of the thread and keep going up 'til you see a file uploaded.

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      I found the paper thanks can you send me answers

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      There's no perfect answers. Like how some depend on what you have studied like the coastal/glacial erosion question.

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      what diagrams should i know?

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      - Chosen coastal/glacial erosion

      - Chosen coastal/glacial deposition

      - Water cycle (always helpful in Science to know this also)

      - Freeze thaw action

      - The underground of a karst landscape

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      cheers thanks you

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