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    tips and notes Amazingme

    any idea what i should learn and whats most important

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      - The making of earthquakes, volcanoes AND fold mountains

      - Underground of a karst landscape

      - An example of River Erosion

      - An example of River Deposition

      - An example of Coastal / Glacial Erosion (depending on which you studied)

      - An example of Coastal / Glacial Deposition (depending on which you studied)

      - All types of rainfall

      - One type of hot climate

      - One type of temperate climate

      - One type of cold climate

      - An example of desertification

      - Tourism in Spain

      - Two types of Irish soils

      - Kolkata or Hong Kong

      - Mali or West of Ireland

      - An example of organised migration

      - An example of Irish settlement with three of its functions that have changed over time

      - Polders in the Netherlands

      - Irish road network

      - EU airports

      - Transport on the River Rhine

      - A world city with three functional zones

      - An irrigation scheme

      - An example of a Farm

      - An example of a manufacturing industry with three factors that influence its location

      - Population pyramids

      - Factors that influence the population of a country

      Are you doing your JC this year?

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      Thanks and I am doing jc next year

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