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    Urbanisation help 2 Aniboh

    2013 Section 2 > Section 2 > Question 4

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      Alex F

      Are you stuck at part (A) or (B) or all of it

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      All of it

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      Alex F

      This question really tests your knowledge of your case studies.

      In Part A talk about a developing country. You would have done different ones compared to us and is hard to give an exact answer. Just name your country and usually the headings of Lack of Open Space / Clean Water etc is used here. Remember key facts about your chosen city as this counts as development if you explain how it applies to your country

      In Part B many schools will have done Paris as the functional city others might not. When giving an answer on different function zones try and go with ones that aren't close to each and like Industrial and Economic Activities as this could make you stuck for writing. The more easier ones to do are CBD , Residential and Industrial. The Picture of the river basin is trying to hint you go with Paris or something near.

      In Part C which in my view is the easiest part here just really knowledge of your C.B.D

      In part i it's C as this is the city's C.B.D. Land values are expensive here as these buildings are built at a great height to reduce cost of land.

      In part ii look closely at the picture for these little hints to your answer

      1 The buildings are directly in the city. The river indicates that towns in the past developed near and shows land values are often the highest.

      2 Competition from companies are high as many buildings need more development for company growth. The cheapest option for this is high rise buildings

      In part iii it's testing you on Urban Sprawl. Try and go with 2 problems that don't sound the same. Headings you could use are

      1: Loss of Agriculture

      2: Land Values

      3: More tightly packed housing

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